Membership in the ONFI Workgroup is open to all companies. Benefits include opportunities to:

  • Contribute to ONFI specification development
  • Preview early revisions of ONFI specifications
  • Attend member meetings and events

Download and complete the ONFI Membership Agreement to become an ONFI Workgroup member.


  • Print and fill out the membership agreement completely.
  • Be sure to include primary contact information, including an email address, to ensure that notices and announcements are sent to the correct contact(s).
  • Contributors must sign both the Adopters Agreement and the Contribution Addendum.
  • E-mail executed copies of the membership agreement to

If you have specific questions about joining the ONFI Workgroup or the agreement itself, email

Membership and Agreement Clarifications

  • While the ONFI agreement allows for dues to be assessed up to a given maximum, the group currently does not assess such dues and currently has no plans to do so.
  • The agreement contribution addendum defines the confidentiality terms. The draft specifications are confidential ONFI materials and access to the draft specifications is therefore covered under the agreement contribution addendum. The ONFI group expects to publish the specifications after they are completed and ratified.
  • Although contributor members have access to the draft specifications and other confidential materials, their participation in the active Workgroups is not required. Contributors that want to participate in Workgroups must apply to the groups they want to participate in.

ONFI Procedures

  • ONFI follows Robert’s Rules of Order for meeting rules. Any appeals should be sent to which will be addressed by the ONFI Board.
  • The following shows the high-level process flow for ONFI technical documents:
ONFI Procedures