1. General Questions

    Q.1 What is the mission of the ONFI Workgroup?

    The ONFI Workgroup strives to create a common industry standard for the interface used to communicate with NAND Flash components. This increases the supply base for standard components, reduces design time and improves time-to-market for a wide range of NAND-based applications.

    Q.2 Is this another card standard?

    Q.3 Does ONFI have any plans to include more member companies in the organization?

    Q.4 How will the ONFI standard help speed time-to-market for NAND-based products?

    Q.5 How will developers, OEMs and ODMs benefit from the work done by the ONFI Workgroup?

    Q.6 What types of products will ONFI 2.1 be used in?

    Q.7 Why was ONFI formed to do this work instead of the work being done in another industry standards organization?

    Q.8 Who's involved in your partnership with JEDEC to expand the reach of the ONFI specifications?

  2. Technical Questions

    Q.1 What is the difference between the ONFI 1.0 and 2.0 specs?

    Q.2 What is the difference between the ONFI 2.0 and 2.1 specs?

  3. Roadmap Questions

    Q.1 When were the ONFI specifications released?

    Q.2 When will the next revision of the specification be complete? What improvements will be made in the next generation development efforts?